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John Fagan - CEO, Scribe

How our clients get year-end right

Jane Dafforn - Head of Operations, Scribe

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Hannah Driver - Support Accountant, Scribe

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Ready to take control of your Year End?

John Fagan - January 2021

Hi, I'm John and I'm a process nerd. As the CEO of Scribe I've learned that good process saves time, hassle, stress and money.

We would love to share with you the checklist that makes year-end straight forward for our 800+ Parish and Town Council clients.

We advise our clients to follow this checklist. So they don't have to spend money on fees or training with accountants or anyone else.

If you follow our checklist created by Hannah Driver our MATT qualified Support Accountant, you can achieve similar results.

But here’s the harsh truth about Year End...

Great Clerks don't just "work out how to do it."

They either get help or spend years learning the hard way by working it out themselves.

Most Clerks don't want to hear this, but here it is:

Your accounting system and process makes all the difference.

You have to approach your accounting efforts with the same professionalism that you bring to your community building work.

And you have to follow a proven, simple, process to get it right.

Otherwise, you're just taking one step forward to then work out you’ve made a mistake or missed a task, so it is then two steps back. That rarely works. :)

Getting Year End right in a timely fashion requires seven critical steps.

How does this work?

These steps must be done in order to produce a rock-solid result.

Fortunately, with our straightforward process you can take control of your Year End and AGAR.

It is how Clerks like you get the accounting Year End right, just like professionals.