Rialtas User? Spare Just 2 Minutes to Check If You’re on the Best Path

In the evolving world of council financial management, a notable shift is underway from Rialtas Alpha and Omega to Scribe. This trend invites a moment of reflection for Rialtas users: why are a growing number of councils embracing this change? You've relied on a system that has been dependable, but imagine a future where achieving more doesn't mean more effort but instead, clearer insights and heightened efficiency.

Take a moment to explore the reasons behind this pivotal move.

Six Reasons Why Councils Are Making the Switch to Scribe.

We interviewed ex-Rialtas customers, and here’s why they prefer Scribe over Rialtas Alpha or Rialtas Omega.

😅 No more endless journaling

Easily correct accounting mistakes with Scribe, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail. Say goodbye to the hassle of endless journaling.

📊 Clear, Understandable Reports

Scribe's reports bring clarity to your financial data, making it simple for everyone to understand and make informed decisions.

🧘 Stress-Free Year-Ends

With Scribe, the year-end process is streamlined and simplified, cutting out unnecessary costs and stress for a smooth closure.

🌍 Work From Anywhere Access

Scribe ensures you can access your accounts seamlessly, from anywhere, providing flexibility and efficiency for your team.

📚 Complimentary Training Access

Discover the value of Scribe with free, comprehensive training—available both live weekly and on-demand. Maximize efficiency without the extra costs.

🆘 Rapid Support Responses
Experience swift support with Scribe, where our team's average response time is just 38 minutes, even during the busiest times.

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Intrigued to find out if there is any easier way to do you accounts, where year-end is a breeze and there is no more endless journalling? One of Scribe's experts can give you a private demonstration, take any questions. Scribe can also tell you how they migrated over 10 years of data from Rialtas to Scribe.

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Meet Scribe's Newest Members From the Rialtas Family

Framlingham Town Council’s Seamless 12-Year Data Migration to Scribe

Concerned about preserving your historical records? Rest easy. In a detailed collaboration with Alan Davidson, RFO at Framlingham Town Council, Scribe seamlessly transitioned 12 years of data into Scribe. Your history is safe with us.

St. Martin's Embrace of the Future with Scribe

Faced with outdated financial systems and seeking efficiency, St. Martin's Parish Council, guided by Edward Davis, embarked on a pivotal transition to Scribe. This move was sparked by the sale of their previous provider, Rialtas, to a corporation that introduced uncertainties in service quality. Scribe's intuitive platform, coupled with its exceptional support and training, transformed their financial management. The journey from cumbersome processes to streamlined operations and hassle-free auditing with Scribe reflects a significant leap forward, marking a new chapter of enhanced financial stewardship for St. Martin's.