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Tim O'Shea - Managing Director, Scribe

How our clients know exactly where to look for funding

Jane Dafforn - Head of Operations, Scribe

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Hannah Driver - Support Accountant, Scribe

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Tim O'Shea - February 2021

Hi, I'm Tim and I'm a process nerd. As the Managing Director of Scribe I've learnt that a good process saves time, hassle, stress and money.

We would love to share with you the A-Z list that makes grant funding straight forward for our 500+ Town and Parish Council clients.

We advise our clients to follow this list. So they don't have to waste time and money searching for grant sources who are unable to help.

If you follow the list compiled by our Clerk who specialises in grant applications you can achieve similar results.

But here’s the harsh truth about grant funding...

Sucessful Clerks don't just "work out how to do it."

They either get help and know exactly where to look or learn the hard way by figuring it out for themselves.

Knowing where to look is the key to a successful application

You have to approach the right sources to maximise funding opportunities for your council.

And by using our A-Z list we have made the first step easy for you

Otherwise you're just taking one step forward to then work out you've contacted the wrong provider, so then it's two steps back. That rarely works :) 

How does this work?

Our simple list removes the need for endless research to find funding sources

Once one grant has been received, it's easier to get another opening a whole world of possibilities for your community

It is how busy Clerks like yourself get the maximum funding possible, in the smallest time possible.